'Super-casino' shortlist set out

'Viva Glas-Vegas' hopes Roulette 'was destroying me' A shortlist of eight possible sites for Britain's first Las Vegas-style "super-casino" has been announced. Of 27 applicants, London's Wembley Stadium and Millennium Dome, Cardiff, Blackpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Glasgow are on the list. Only one site will eventually get the go-ahead for a super-casino with unlimited slot machine jackpots. A further 16 licences for small and large casinos with jackpot limits of £4,000 will also be granted. The Casino Advisory Panel's final decision is expected to be handed to ministers in December. More than 60 local authorities applied for the small and large casino licences. These include Bath and North East Somerset, Restormel in Cornwall and Torbay, Devon, in the West Country and Bournemouth, Brighton, Hastings and Southampton on the south coast.

17.8.08 21:11

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