Q&A: Super-casino plan ditched

Q&A: Super-casino plan ditched
Manchester was chosen last year as the surprise location of the UK's first "super-casino". The government has now decided to axe the plan.

Why the change of heart?

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham said there was "no consensus" that a regional - or super - casino was needed to boost regeneration in east Manchester. He cited problem gambling as a worry, while another government report suggested setting up alternative projects such as museums, theatres, a shopping centre or sports arena.

Was the U-turn a surprise?

No. Shortly after becoming prime minister last year, Gordon Brown promised a review of the policy. It has been widely thought for some time that the super-casino project would be scrapped.

And how are people in Manchester taking the news?

Not very well. The city council has said it may contest the government's decision through a judicial review. Graham Stringer, the Labour MP for Manchester Blackley, called the government's decision "capricious" and "arbitrary".

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